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Motor Wurks

Welcome to Motor Wurks - The Leading Car Service Provider in Breaston, Derby

Motor Wurks extends you a hearty welcome to its official website. We take pride in serving the motorists of Derby with exceptional car servicing and diagnostics. We are one of the pre-eminent garages in Breaston, Derby. In our many years of experience, we have seen and catered to almost every automotive problem there is. We can proudly say- there is yet to be an issue that we couldn’t solve.

Tyre services at their best

Our experts believe that since tyres are the only part of your vehicle that is in contact with the road, they should be given extra attention. You must get your wheels aligned and balanced correctly. Wheel balancing and wheel alignment are two very important factors related to tyres.

The good news is that we perform both these services and more at our workshop. Our skilled technicians are equipped with the most cutting-edge machines to carry out these essential services with precision. We also repair tyre punctures that are deemed legal under the British Standards BSAU 159.

Car repairs made affordable

No matter how much you care for your vehicle, a sticky clutch or a malfunctioning exhaust is almost inevitable. At Motor Wurks, we cater to all your needs of car repair Derby at affordable prices.

Our repair service covers almost every major component of a car, including but not limited to:

  • Exhaust repairs
  • Brakes servicing
  • Clutch repair & servicing
  • AC servicing
  • Battery diagnostics
  • ECU

Engine diagnostics

Our car repair services are backed by high-quality engine diagnostics tools. Our technicians can pinpoint the exact source of any issue quickly and efficiently, using the latest diagnostic software.

Vehicle servicing like never before!

It’s standard practice for every motorist to bring in their car for servicing twice every year. We perform both basic/interim and full car servicing Breaston as mentioned earlier. Car servicing at Breaston, Derby, and Nottingham is categorised into two basic categories:

  • Basic service
  • Full service

The basic/interim service package consists of over 30 of the most basic checks such as oil refilling, tyre check, emission check, an inspection of essential fluids, etc., while the full car service Derby includes everything covered in an interim service plus over 30 more checkpoints. Our technicians at Derby ensure that all the parts of your car are functioning optimally.

Tyres we sell

At Motor Wurks, other than vehicle-related services, we also offer a wide range of tyres Derby from premium brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, and Pirelli. Season-specific tyres are available - summer tyres with the best wet and dry handling capacities, and winter tyres with adequate snow and ice handling capacity. All season tyres for mild weather are also available.

You can use the special tyre selector tool that features on our website to browse through the tyres Breaston that are in accordance with your chosen specifications. If you require any assistance with choosing the right specifications, our team of technicians and experts is always at your disposal.

If you select a tyre that is currently not in our stock, we promise to get the model for you within 24 hours. At Motor Wurks, you get only the best quality tyres; if you want to witness our words materialising into actions- drive-in!

Why wait any more?

Motor Wurks invites you to get the most convenient car repair and services at a pocket-friendly price.

Just give us a call, and we’ll reserve a slot for you. Experience our service and discover the difference for yourself.