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Modern cars come loaded with a plethora of amenities, but none of them is probably as important as its air conditioning unit. Your car’s AC maintains a comfortable temperature inside the cabin, keeping the blazing heat outside.

However, like every other machine, your car’s AC also needs periodic maintenance. Especially during the hot and humid British summer months, when extensive use can drain its coolant and prevent it from working effectively.

If you are facing issues with your car’s AC, you can bring it to Motor Wurks in Derby for a complete inspection, aircon regas in Derby, or any other repair work. We have a team of technicians qualified to maintain or repair the complex components of a car’s Aircon system in no time.

Best in class service

At Motor Wurks, we take pride in our service; and that’s why we always try to deliver that extra bit of care and attention whenever you bring your car to repair or regas its air conditioning in Derby. We follow the industry-certified norms and abide by the British standards regulating these processes.

Let’s take a look at the process we follow while doing an air conditioning recharge.

  • Draining surplus fluids – Our very first step will be flushing any surplus fluid out of the aircon reservoir. We use EPA-certified equipment and methods to ensure no liquid is leaked outside of containment and pollute the environment.
  • Topping up the necessary fluid – After the reservoir is empty and dry, we will continue with the refilling process. We use R134A, the highest quality Ozone-safe gas available in the market. It comes with the highest safety classification available for refrigerants, R134A is non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Inspection – After the aircon regas in Derby, we will run a thorough test with industry-standardised equipment to ensure that the AC is performing efficiently. We will also perform a thorough visual inspection to ensure there is no leak, loose pipes, or wiring issue in the system. You will get a good as new AC once we are done with the entire process.

What else do we have to offer?

We also offer several other types of AC related servicing and repairs other than refrigerant recharge, viz. –

  • Excessive noise while cooling – You might come across a steady low-frequency noise if the condenser or fan blade in the AC is not working correctly. Bring your vehicle to Motor Wurks Nottingham for inspection and repair.
  • Insufficient cooling – The most common reason for inadequate cooling is low refrigerant levels.
  • Foul odour – The moist AC vents are a breeding ground for fungi and microbes. These can cause a foul smell as well as health issues in certain situations. If you notice a bad odour coming from your car’s AC, bring it to our garage immediately.

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