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Your car battery has a list of objectives to fulfil, from ignition to running the electrical components. If you are a car lover, you might already know its importance, and we don’t have to stress on it enough.

If you are going to become a car owner for the first time, then it is essential for you to know what indicates a battery failure. In such situations, we at Motor Wurks are here to supply you a brand new car battery in Derby.

Here’s how you will know that your car battery is dying:

1. Dim lights

One of the most common symptoms of a dying battery is dim headlights. The lights will not have ample power to illuminate properly as the battery is not holding a charge.

You might require a batteries repair in Nottingham or a complete replacement depending on its type.

2. Slow engine crank

Several reasons can cause a slow engine crank, and a dying battery is one of them. A majority of the time, the engine will have a sluggish crank but will not start. Avail services of our garage in Derby to receive a quick solution.

3. Irregular ignition

Irregular ignition problems are common if the battery is near its end as far as its service life is concerned. It can indicate problems with the car battery in Derby. A parasitic battery drain can also lead to the same problem – one electrical component is on even after you have turned it off. Also, calcified, corroded, and broken terminals can also lead to the same problem.

4. Backfiring

If the battery charge is low, it will hinder the operations of a fuel pump. A fuel pump that doesn’t function properly causes the fuel to have more oxygen – commonly known as lean fuel. Also, the fuel injectors might not work accordingly if the battery is dying.

Improper fuel pump and injector functioning can cause your car to backfire. And, a backfiring vehicle can cause massive damage to its engine.

Motor Wurks in Derby can help you out in such cases by replacing your old car battery with a new one.

5. No ignition without throttle

Your car must always start immediately after you turn the key or push the start/stop button. If you have to depress the accelerator for ignition, then there is a problem with the battery.

Other common symptoms of a failing battery:

  • Clinking sound during ignition.
  • Bloated battery.
  • Check engine light is on.

Bring your car to Motor Wurks

Recharging your vehicle battery is the alternator; hence, any problems in it will also cause the above symptoms. Opt for our services and the technicians will let you know whether you need a new car battery in Derby or not.

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