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Motor wurks welcomes our community in the Beeston area. We are one of the eminent auto garages in the whole of Breaston, Derby. Our facility includes modern hi-tech machines that work on cutting edge technology. Over the years, our experts have gained more and more technical and practical knowledge by working on thousands of vehicles.

When you come to our Garage, you don't have to worry about anything; our technicians will take care of everything that your vehicle needs, while you sit back and relax. Meanwhile, you can check out our other services as well. You can also talk to our experts and know more about your vehicle.

Tyres First:

In assuring comfort and safety of your vehicle, tyres play a crucial part since they are the only car component in contact with the road and hence, most prone to wearing. Tyres Beeston are linked to many of the vehicle's performance parameters like fuel economy, tyre wear, etc. The services that we offer are wheel alignment, wheel balancing, and many more. All of these services are important for maintaining the performance of your car.


Car repairs and its diagnostics:

We offer car repairs and diagnostics that ensure an enhancement in your cars overall performance and safety. Our diagnostics team will carefully read the data that will be obtained with the help of the best modern machines available in the market today.

We provide our customers with two options to choose from:

1. Basic service: We, Motor Wurks, have this option when you are a regular, and get your car checked frequently. In basic service, we maintain and repair 30 vital components in your vehicle that includes: oil refilling, tyre check, emission check, an inspection of essential fluids, etc.

2. Complete Service: With complete service option, we provide you with additional servicing options for brakes, mirrors, radiator and coolant hose, exhaust repair etc. along with the basic 30 elements check.

Our customers choose us because of our excellent service, but you don't have to believe them. Get your appointment booked with us and experience it for yourself. You’ll realise the 16 minutes drive from Beeston to Breaston is beyond worth its while.

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