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Faulty clutch is one of the most common complaints amongst car owners. Stop and go traffic of the city barely allows us to use the car’s clutch as it is supposed to be used, resulting in excessive wear and ultimately complete inoperability of the component.

If such issues plague your car, and you are looking for a reliable clutch replacement garage in Derby, you have come to the right place. We are Motor Wurks, one of the largest car service stations in your neighbourhood. We have a team of expert technicians who are proficient in all kind of automobile servicing and repairs, even when it comes to a complex component like a car clutch.

At our garage, you will find original replacement parts for almost every type of vehicle. We will install these OE-grade spares, run a thorough inspection to ensure you face no other issues, and perform all these at a very competitively priced rate.

Common issues with car clutch

However, before you bring your vehicle to Motor Wurks for a clutch repair in Derby, you will have to know about and understand some of the common issues you might face with a clutch. So, let’s evaluate some of the indications your vehicle might give you if you have a faulty clutch.

  • Excessive shuddering

Excessive shuddering or vibration might be caused by a loose mounting bracket, defective pressure plate, or worn bearings. You will notice a steady, low vibration through the floorboard or seat whenever you press the clutch.

The solution for this issue is a simple clutch repair Nottingham. We will replace the worn parts or secure the loose ones to eliminate this issue.

  • Clutch slip

If the pressure plate or gear teeth are too worn-out, your car’s clutch might fail to engage when you press the pedal. You will notice a reduction in engine output and face trouble while shifting gears.

Clutch slip can significantly reduce your car’s performance and can even put you in harm’s way in certain situations. That’s why Motor Wurks in Derby takes clutch slippage very seriously. We will repair the faulty parts and service the accompanying components to ensure that your vehicle stays roadworthy for everyday use.

Why us?

Our clutch repair in Derby is one of the most in-demand services that we have to offer. Our technicians will ensure your vehicle retains its functionality and all the components meet the necessary safety standards issued by the British Government.

Bring your car to our garage for the most efficient service in the neighbourhood today. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment before your visit to skip the queue.

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