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Modern cars are a collection of hundreds of different components working in perfect synchronisation with each other. All these require periodic maintenance to ensure they stay in the peak condition and perform accordingly, and that’s where our engine diagnostics in Derby comes in.

We are Motor Wurks, one of the largest car service stations in Derby. When you bring your vehicle to our garage, we will run it through a comprehensive test to ensure all its parts are working as it should.

What is engine diagnostics?

Engine diagnostics acts as an all-inclusive test for some of the most important, yet complicated components of a modern vehicle. The ECU or Engine Control Unit of your car acts like a miniature computer that keeps track of all its parts and workings. During an engine diagnostics Nottingham, we will read the information from the ECU and see if there is any performance-related issue or not. If there is an error, we will repair or replace the faulty component with your permission.

When do you need this service?

Whenever there is a faulty component, the ECU will generate an error log and warn the driver via a warning light or alarm. Whenever you see such warnings, like ‘Check Engine’ or ‘Check ABS’ lights on your car’s dash, bring your car straight to our garage for a complete diagnostics and repair.

What can go wrong?

Multiple parts might malfunction and necessitate the need for an engine diagnostics in Derby. These include –

  • Fuel system – Any issue with the fuel pump, line, dirty oil filter, or a leak can trigger a ‘Check Engine’ warning light. You might also face issues with the fuel injection system. The ECU controls exactly how much fuel will be injected in the engine in each stroke. That calibration is also checked when you bring your vehicle to Motor Wurks in Derby for an engine diagnostics.
  • Engine cycle – Out of tune engine cycle can significantly reduce your car’s performance. You should periodically run it through diagnosis to ensure you get the best performance from your vehicle whenever you drive it in Derby or any other place in the UK.
  • ABS – An engine diagnostic in Derby can also detect issues with your car’s ABS, or Anti-lock Braking System.

Why Us?

Regular maintenance will keep your vehicle working for longer, more efficiently, and will help fetch a higher resale value. That’s why we suggest bringing your car to Motor Wurks every 6 months and get it checked by our skilled technicians.

Feel free to bring your car to our garage according to your preference; you can also call us in advance to schedule an appointment before your visit.

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