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Most modern passenger cars come with an Engine Control Unit or an ECU. Tweaking specific settings of the ECU’s parameters can lead to better performance in several key areas. At Motor Wurks in Derby, we use the latest state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated hand-held devices to alter the ECU’s factory settings.

ECU remapping in Derby is strongly recommended for car owners who want more performance from their vehicle and also want to remove factory-set limitations.

Our facility has a team of specialists who can work on several aspects of the ECU and make the required alterations without upsetting legalities that define the control and customisation of an engine.

What is ECU remapping?

When a car rolls off an assembly line, it comes with certain pre-set definitions vis-à-vis essential output criteria like speed, cruise control, emissions and even engine output. Remapping is changing these default settings and implementing customised software, overwriting pre-set data.

Being the best ECU remapping garage in Derby, we use proprietary software that helps us remove defaults by tapping into the ECU via the serial port, also known as the OBD port. Based on the client’s request, we will tune the ECU.

ECU remapping is also called ECU tuning and is a serious challenge best left to professionals.

Benefits of ECU remapping

ECU remapping is mostly customisations. Here are some advantages:

  1. Increase in fuel economy: When you bring your car over to our facility, our professionals will retune the ECU and improve mileage output considerably. Note that a commensurate increase in power output is not recommended as it curtails fuel economy.
  2. Rise in performance: At times, remapping can increase torque output by 80nm and also a 30-40 horsepower in output. It helps even a smaller car go faster.
  3. Fall in gear changes: Thanks to heightened engine output, drivers will have to change gears far less frequently. It preserves the gearbox and the clutch.
  4. A rise in resale value: If you have plans to sell your car soon, perhaps it is time to visit the best ECU remapping garage in Derby. We will recalibrate the defaults and also increase the resale value.

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Motor Wurks is an authority on ECU remapping. We ensure superior quality of service and timely delivery of your vehicle. In case your car cannot be tuned, or is old and does not have an ECU, we will inform you in advance. Our price packages are highly competitive. We make ECU remapping in Derby and Nottingham easier than ever before.

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