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Your car needs a wide variety of fluids to run properly. While most car manufacturers nowadays advertise their wares as mostly maintenance-free, our years of experience as being the best car service garage at Derby tell us otherwise. At Motor Wurks, we specialise in top up, flushing out and replacing several types of car fluids.

These fluids help keep your car running properly and with a decent mileage output. There are 6 primary types of fluids that a vehicle uses. We specialise in refilling them as and when such a need arises.

If you are looking for an oil change in Derby, visit our facility. We have the best team in place to look after your car.

Types of essential fluid refills

Engine oil: Automotive experts widely agree that the engine oil is the most vital fluid used in your car apart from the fuel. This oil keeps your engine running correctly, and always has to be kept at manufacturer-recommended levels. Besides using a dipstick to measure the levels quickly, our team also carries out a detailed visual inspection.

In case your car needs an engine oil refill, our facility can help you. We are the most widely-known oil change station in Derby. Our facility only stores the best brands and refills them accordingly.


Your car’s engine is where a considerable level of heat is generated due to combustion and friction. The coolant fluid absorbs the heat that an engine creates and dissipates it through the radiator. It prevents overheating and must be kept at a specified level at all times.

Our oil change station in Derby checks existing levels and replaces coolant when required.

Power steering fluid

The power steering fluid helps you drive better on the roads. The fluid needs inspection after every 50,000 kms. If you have lately been noticing problems with the power steering, it may be leaking. Bring your car to our facility as soon as you can.

Brake fluid

The hydraulic brakes on your car need consistent levels of brake fluid to function properly. If there is a problem with the brake pedal, or if the brakes are not working as effectively as they used to previously, it might be time to change or replenish the fluid levels. Spongy brakes are also an indication that your car needs a fluid top-up.

Transmission fluid

Transmission fluid is to your car’s transmission system what the engine oil is to the engine. It is true that most new cars come with a “lifetime” fluid that ideally never needs replenishing. However, if there are issues with the transmission, it indicates that the fluid levels have either dropped or there is some other underlying issue.

Motor Wurks has teams which will quickly get to the bottom of the issue and refill it accordingly.

Windshield washer fluid

It is an essential fluid which many car owners tend to overlook. While the washer fluid does not affect your car’s performance per se, it is required for safety. You will have to visit our facility to get an oil change in Derby and Nottingham. Note that these are not DIY-friendly operations and need expert guidance.

Our station has multiple bays that help you get instant service. We also provide attractive price packages. You can book an appointment with us online and skip the queue.

Motor Wurks only uses the best-in-class fluids and provides you value for your money.

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