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Our community in Ilkeston can now make use of our top-notch car services in Breaston, Derby. We welcome all the car enthusiasts to fulfil the needs of their vehicles, providing them with the servicing and maintenance that they deserve. Our experts have gained years of experience in repair: perfecting and practising on thousands of cars. The technicians have thorough knowledge of all the hi-tech machines that are installed here in our facility. You don't have to worry about anything; just bring your vehicle to us, and we will take care of the rest.

Tyres and their wheels:

Our team here puts great emphasis on the tyres for the safety of your vehicle. Hence, we provide a range of services that cater to your tyres Ilkeston and also the wheels of your cars. While we have a wide range of tyre collection that you can choose from, our wheel related services include wheel alignment along with its balancing. Both of these are important for your car to stop the wearing of the tyre’s tread, and also increase the fuel economy for your car. A misaligned wheel will cause further stability issue in your vehicle.

Diagnostics and Repairs:

Our modern machines are capable of pinpointing the exact problem related to your car. With the gathered data, our experts will fix the issue almost immediately. It is a pleasant experience to witness our technicians as they work magic with their hands. The adjustments after diagnostics will give your car that extra boost that is needed to feel the power of your engine.

Our car services include two options:

1. Basic service: Our interim services look after the oil refilling, tyre check, emission check, inspection of vital fluids, etc. They take care of 30+ components in your vehicle.

2. Full service: The full servicing consists of the 30 elements along with many other essential parts in your car, such as the radiator and the coolant hose, air condition, mirror, brakes, exhaust repair and more.

Our customers speak the truth. They visit us for regular car check-ups twice a year. It is their faith in us and our skilled staff that has put us on the map and taken us where we are today. We believe in serving our customer better, and hence, our executives here at Motor Wurks will handle each one of your queries with care. To book an appointment with us today, just give us a call. If you are from Ilkeston, why even wait for an appointment? Just drop by at our centre anytime; it’s only a 15 minutes drive. We promise to send you home with a glitch-free ride.

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