MOT Repairs


More often than not, MOT tests are nerve-racking, no matter how skilled a driver or how well informed on vehicles the car owner is. At Motor Wurks, we are a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who can tend to vehicles of all makes.

Servicing and MOT Repair Derby for modern vehicles to meet the expected manufacturer’s standards is our forte. In doing so, we incorporate the latest equipment driven by the most advanced technology, and use only original equipment for car part replacement.

We render expert MOT checks to assure your vehicles does not fail the MOT. Not only this, after you have completed the MOT, we offer MOT repair services to fix the issues listed in your MOT test result.

We know what you doubt!

Yes, we offer both pre- and post-MOT services. But most of you will have a valid doubt. Why do you get MOT repairs on the MOT result when you have already had a thorough MOT check? The answer is simple. MOT check involves fixing the issues that can be resolved last minute to avoid the ‘dangerous’ faults that could result in an MOT fail. It does not suffice to take care of every minor flaw that requires more time to detect as well as repair, and may surface only at a later point in time.

Expert MOT Check

Our full-range of MOT Check and diagnostics covers exterior check, interior check, under-bonnet check, and under-vehicle check.

Exterior check: Indicator lights, registration plates, wheels and tyres, wheel bearings, mirrors and windscreen, windscreen wipers, doors, overall body appearance, and more.

Interior check: Seats and seat belts, steering wheel, warning/dashboard lights, shock absorbers, waste bottles and wrappers, and more.

Under-bonnet check: Exhaust system, fuel system, steering and power steering components, and more.

Under-vehicle check: electrical wiring, emission pipes network, and more.

MOT Repair

For car repair Derby, we offer specialised services for any remedial work. We do not believe in cutting corners but offer high standard solutions, no matter how intricate the repair work involved.

At Motor Wurks, we have qualified specialists to perform mechanical and electrical repairs on cars of any make or model. Our repair services comprise of:

  • Diagnostic check
  • Engine repair
  • Clutch repair
  • Exhaust repair
  • Clutch repair and replacement
  • Steering and suspensions replacement, and more.

We welcome you to visit us, Motor Wurks, at our centre anytime. You can see our MOT repair experts work seamlessly and ask for any advice you need. We promise you will love our competitive pricing and hospitality that we are recognised for.

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