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puncture repair

Punctures are probably one of the most annoying issues you, as a car owner, might face. It can happen without warning, whether you are cruising on a highway or driving around Derby streets. Also, it takes a lot of time and effort to repair it yourself, and the final patchwork may not be good enough to keep you road-safe.

To ensure you don’t face such issues, we, Motor Wurks, have brought our express service for puncture and tyre repair in Derby and Nottingham. We are one of the largest car service garages in the neighbourhood, and our team of expert technicians will ensure your car is ready for road use as soon as possible.

Our services

At our garage, we take puncture repairs as a priority task. We have a dedicated lane and a team of technicians standing by to ensure you don’t have to wait too long while we repair your vehicle.

Our puncture repair in Derby is performed according to BSAU159, abiding by the Government’s norms and ensuring you get the best repair work possible. British Standard AU159 defines that repairs can be performed only in the central 3/4th section of a car tyre.

It is done to ensure that a tyre’s structural integrity stays intact even after a repair. We cannot repair a puncture if it is too close to the sidewall or if you are using run-flat tyres, as these can cause extensive damage to its carcass.

When you bring your vehicle to Motor Wurks for a puncture repair in Derby, we will ensure that your vehicle’s tyre has –

  • At least 1.6mm tread depth across the central 3/4th region of its entire circumference.
  • No secondary damage caused by sharp objects.
  • No deterioration of the rubber compound which may cause separation.
  • Exposed cordage.

We will also ensure that your car’s tyre has the correct tyre pressure after we complete our puncture repair in Derby.

How to avert a sudden blowout

Regular maintenance is the most effective measure to protect your car’s tyres against a sudden blowout. Ensure that all four tyres are in good shape, and have the recommended air pressure in them. You can also bring your vehicle to our garage and let our technicians inspect it for safety.

We are here to help

At Motor Wurks in Derby, you can guarantee to receive the highest quality service every time you bring your vehicle for repair work. Feel free to drop by whenever you need professional assistance regarding car servicing and repairs. We are always here to assist you.

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