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Your car’s suspension is responsible for the much-needed comfort and stability during your everyday commute. It is an intricate system of springs and dampeners that absorb the impacts and unevenness of the road. However, over time and with daily use, the suspension loses its efficiency, necessitating the need for a suspension repair in Derby.

That’s where we come in. We, Motor Wurks, are one of the largest car service providers in Derby. We have a team of experts armed with the cutting-edge equipment to handle all your car related issues.

Worn-out suspension system is a severe safety issue. It can increase your vehicle’s stopping distance by at least 2 meters when driving at only 30 mph. That’s why you should bring it to our garage whenever you notice any issue.

How do you detect a faulty suspension?

Faulty suspension system can cause your car’s axle and struts to either slack or stiffen significantly. You might also notice the following issues.

  • Too much body roll – A tell-tale sign that your vehicle requires a suspension repair in Derby and Nottingham is excessive body roll. If the springs lose their strength, they will not be able to maintain the vehicle’s structural rigidity. The typical end-result is a significant tilt in your car’s chassis when you drive through a corner.

Excessive body roll can be a dangerous issue. At higher speeds, it can alter your car’s centre of gravity, which can cause an unfortunate incident.

  • Nose-diving while acceleration and declaration – Another indication that your car’s suspension system is malfunctioning is it nose-diving every time you accelerate. The weak springs will not be able to handle the sudden force and cause the weight to shift. Bring your vehicle to Motor Wurks in Derby, and we will fix it in no time.
  • Leakage – A leak in the suspension system can drain the fluid reservoir. The fluid leak will cause the hydraulics levels to plummet, and your car’s suspension system will lose its effectiveness.

We advise bringing your car for an inspection, and if required, suspension repair in Derby after every 5 to 6 months to ensure there is no leaks or cracks in the reservoir. It will also indicate whether you will need to refill the hydraulic fluid or not.

Like every other type of machine, your vehicle too requires periodic maintenance to keep it running efficiently. It will eliminate any need for expensive repairs and untimely replacements.

Think car repairs, think us

Bring your car to Motor Wurks whenever you face any vehicle-related issue. Being one of the largest suspension service garage in Derby, we can provide the necessary expertise and know-how to repair your car according to the highest standard.

You’re welcome to our garage anytime. You can also call us ahead of your visit to schedule an appointment.

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