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wheel alignment

Aligning the wheels is crucial if you don’t want your vehicle drifting to one side or the tyres to get damaged prematurely. Usually, wheels get misaligned when you drive over curbs, potholes, and speed bumps at high speeds. Any sudden and forceful shock can disrupt the angle of the wheels.

Bring your car to Motor Wurks for the best wheel alignment in Derby. Our technicians can diagnose the precise problem with your car wheels and deliver a prompt and satisfactory solution.

Our wheel alignment services are of these types:

1. Camber alignment

Our technicians perform camber alignment to make your vehicle wheels perpendicular to the road.

If you look from the front, negative camber is when a wheel tilts inwards, and a positive camber is when a wheel points outwards.

Driving without a camber alignment can cause feathered wear to your car tyres. Feathered wear occurs when only one side of a tyre is damaged while the other remains integral. Hence, keep a regular check on your tyres and bring your car to Motor Wurks in Derby for a camber wheel alignment.

2. Toe alignment

We provide toe alignment services in Derby to make your vehicle wheels parallel to each other.

If you look from the top, a toe-out is when a wheel points inwards and a toe-in is when it points outwards.

Make sure to bring your car to our 4 wheel alignment garage in Derby to restore the toe angle of the wheels.

3. Caster alignment

Caster alignment is different from the above two and does not concern wheels. The technicians at our garage provide this type of alignment to reinstate the angle of a steering axle affixed to a wheel.

If you look from the side, a negative caster is when an axle tilts towards the driver and a positive caster is when an axle points towards the front.

It is critical that you get your hands on professional service for wheel alignment in Derby and Nottingham; driving with misaligned wheels can cause the following other than the above:

  • Prolonged damage to the tyres will cause them to blowout unexpectedly.
  • You also control over your car especially when you are driving at high speeds.
  • Misaligned wheels can also cause damage to your suspension in the long-run. Such damages will call for even high expenses on repairs and replacements.
  • The steering wheel can become off-centre and also not return to the original position. It might also vibrate.

Other than the reasons mentioned above, wheels also get misaligned due to normal car usage and worn-out components.

Why Motor Wurks?

We have a worthy line of professional technicians with ample years of experience. Armed with the latest tools, they can get to the root of a problem and deliver the right wheel alignment in Derby.

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