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wheel balancing

Motor Wurks is a pre-eminent auto garage in Derby with an exceptionally high approval rating. Among many other essential automobile services, we also perform one of the most efficient wheel balancing in Derby.

Wheel balancing ensures that the mass of the tyres is equally distributed across the tyre body. You may face a plethora of problems if your car’s wheels are out of balance, some of which may potentially compromise your road safety.

As such, it is critical that you avail our wheel balancing service at periodic intervals. Our garage features state-of-the-art balancing machines, and skilled technicians proficient in the use of such equipment.

There are 3 types of wheel balancing in Derby and Nottingham that we excel at:

  • Static balancing
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Road force balancing

Among the three, dynamic and road force balancing are more preferred by modern vehicle owners.

Why is wheel balancing crucial?

When a tyre is new, its mass distribution is even throughout its body. The regular impact of the road skews this perfect balance and concentrates the mass at specific spots. It creates alternating heavy and light spots within the tyre body.

For a problem that seems rudimentary, the issues you will face are far too many. Some of the problems with imbalanced wheels are listed below.

  • The fuel economy of your car will take a severe hit. Since the engine has to work extra hard to keep imbalanced wheels on the road, it consumes a lot more fuel.
  • You will also notice rapid tread wear. It won’t even be uniform. Your tyre tread will wear out in patches, leaving bald spots at various places.
  • Your ride won’t be comfortable. You will experience constant shuddering motion, especially at higher speeds.
  • The overall tyre performance and service life may also suffer due to wheel imbalance.

Now, we are sure that you don’t want to face all these problems with your car. The solution? Bring it to our wheel balancing garage in Derby.

The best thing about bringing your car to Motor Wurks in Derby is that you can even buy new tyres from all the reputed international brands if the imbalance in your car’s tyres is too severe to repair.

Enjoy driving pleasure with perfectly balanced wheels

It is not for nothing that automobile experts recommend getting your wheel balance checked every six months. It’s paramount that you do not miss out wheel balancing in Derby under any circumstances. Visit us for the best service in town!

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